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 In Our Hands

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  • In Our Hands :: Part 1   
    How economic progress comes from the accumulation of privately owned tools of production; demonstrates the need for tools by showing a young couple with their infant child in a wilderness with nothing but natural resources and their hands.
  • In Our Hands :: Part 2   
    Strengths of the American free enterprise system and how it meets the needs of its citizens.
  • In Our Hands :: Part 3   
    Drama of an authoritarian (probably Communist-type) coup in the U.S., assisted by apathy, an indifference to federal intervention in community affairs, and lack of economic incentive.
  • In Our Hands :: Part 4   
    How a limited government and private control over labor, resources and tools can stave off a Communist takeover of the U.S.


1 to 4 of 4

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