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  • Champion, Rafe   
    Personal information and writings, reviews and papers relating to philosophy, Karl Popper, F. A. Hayek and William Bartley.
  • Chicago Boyz   
    Commentary from a group of University of Chicago alumni students and their friends.
  • Chomsky Stuff   
    Noam Chomsky in the news. Noam Chomsky on language. Naom Chomsky on politics. Biography, the radical, the liberal, the anarchist... "Noam Chomsky is arguably the most important intellectual alive today" NYT
  • Chris' Libertarianism Blog   
    A blog examining British political issues from a libertarian perspective.
  • Civitas   
    Classical liberal comment on the news and current affairs.
  • Clay, Dennis: Accounting Bum   
    Blog posting daily commentary and links about topical events of a political, religious, or social nature.
  • Common Ground Common Sense   
    Dedicated to bridging the gap between political labels and issues.
  • Cosh, Colby   
    The personal homepage and weblog of the National Post (Canada) journalist and editor.
  • Curry, Rex   
    Libertarian artwork and commentary.
  • Dallas Libertarian Examiner   
    Political, cultural and social commentary from a libertarian perspective
  • Decline and Fall of Western Civilization   
    ridiculous and frequently mistaken meditations on the capricious nature of life, usually in lower case
  • Dennis' Ramblings   
    The most boring blog in the business…
  • Die, Fluffy Wuffy, Die!   
    Thoughts, rants and comic observations from acerbic Aussie humorist Matt Hayden (not the cricketer!).
  • Drezner, Daniel W.   
    The personal weblog of a libertarian/conservative University of Chicago political science professor.
  • Duensing, Jim   
    Personal website of libertarian writer containing an archive of commentary and letters.
  • Duff, Michael B.   
    Weekly commentary on foreign policy, economics, technology, and pop culture, from a (moderate) libertarian perspective.
  • Eternal Vigilance   
    "eternal vigilence is the price of liberty" Wendell Phillips, abolitionist
  • Ferguson, Michael   
    Libertarian articles and personal information.


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